October 16, 2015

Hello beautiful angels,

Well what a crazy week it has been for team Jade Angel. I have so much I could write about, but this week’s blog will focus on my meeting and refresher training with the amazing Linda Nordstrom and her revolutionary product IBX.

So I turn up to Olympia Kensington overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia from way back when I first began my journey into the world of nails and beauty. This time however, it wasn’t as a visitor for the Olympia Beauty Show. I was privileged enough to be invited by official UK distributors of IBX, Louellabelle as an one of their educators to meet the founders of IBX Jim and Linda Nordstrom.

When first meeting Linda, what stuck me was her passion, belief and dedication to her product. Her energy shone through which left me inspired and wanting to share IBX with all the other nail techs that want to make a difference. The following is a brief overview of IBX and how this incredible product works.

Jim and Linda have been in the beauty and nail industry for most of their lives, so they really understand what the manicurist needs to make their clients happy. The couple developed IBX after Linda decided that she was fed up being in retirement and wanted to go back to fulfilling her purpose in life and share her wealth of knowledge with the world. It was at this point that gel polish had just come onto the scene so they wanted to develop something along side this treatment. This is where IBX was born!

Why use IBX?

IBX supports natural nail growth by helping strengthen thin, bendy nails and fill ridges in groves and has on going beneficial effect in the natural nail. It encourages growth and eliminates flaking. These benefits make IBX a great addition to a gel polish. Any nail that is covered for an amount of time is weakened after removal. We have been using IBX in the salon now for a few months now, not only does it have instant results but we have also had great feedback.

Clients have reported, IBX keeps their gel nails from peeling and chipping, which does happen if you are continually having gel polish after gel polish. Clients that have had IBX to strengthen weak nails have not only noticed an immediate improvement but ongoing reduction in peeling and breakages, resulting in those nails finally growing and polish staying on for longer.

How does it work?

So unlike other products designed for repairing the nail that sits on top, IBX penetrates into the nail with heat and is then sealed with LED light. It does this by fusing the top layer so the nutrients and strengthener stay in the nail having an immediate effect. It doesn’t need removing and is a permanent fixture (well until the nail grows out) as long as you keep the maintenance ongoing. Avocado oil containing vitamin A, D and Lecithin are the moisturising properties of IBX and Jojoba Oil stimulates penetration of these moisturisers. The strengthener is a curable monomer system in which molecules bond and link to each other once into the nail.

How often to use?

For our beautiful clients that love their regular gel polish, it is recommended the IBX system be used along with every treatment. For clients that have the one off gel polish for holidays and special occasions it is recommended to apply after removal. Stage 1 (once a week): for the natural nail that is severely damaged, brittle, peeling, ridged and after nail extensions weekly application is advised until improved nail integrity is visible. Stage 2 (every two weeks): is for those who have difficulties growing their nails or on the road to recovery after stage one. Stage 3 (every 3 weeks): for maintenance of beautiful nails.

If you would like to book this treatment or find out about the other services we offer please follow this link to our websitehttp://jadeangel.co.uk/services/nail

Want to offer this amazing service to your clients? You can follow this link which will tell you what is included in the course and how much it costs.http://jadeangel.co.uk/ibx/

If you would like to purchase this product please email us on info@jadeangel.co.uk

That’s it from me for now. I have lots of lives to change by doing fabulous nails 🙂

Love what we do!

Jade x