February 10, 2014

February 9, 2014 – Long Beach, CA – The buzz and curiosity about IBX started to spread like wildfire at the beginning of January—but at Famous Names, we kept our priorities focused on the United States domestic launch of IBX at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California (January 25-27, 2014). It’s one thing to build up the excitement within the community about a new product online, but it’s another animal entirely to truly impress the salon techs on the expo floor. Lucky for us, that’s where IBX truly shines.

In our beautiful new exposition booth, our team spent the weekend chatting to professionals and executing demos for anyone who asked. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback, and especially thrilled that so many technicians coming through the booth had already heard about IBX. With interests piqued, Linda Nordstrom and Marti Manning were the true MVPs of our booth—they strengthened nails for three full days of demos.

The feedback on the show floor? Famous Names’ new nail strengthener and repair treatment was going to be the game changer of the industry. No one had seen anything this exciting in a long time. Most importantly, the nail techs seem genuinely thrilled about how IBX will not only help their clients’ nails, but grow their businesses. We cannot wait to take this show on the road!

Take a look at some snapshots from our first successful weekend: