IBX by Famous Names

Goodbye Shaking.
Goodbye Separation.
Goodbye Thickening.
Hello imix®

• imix can be used with any gel polish or lacquer formula
• Improves the consistency of polish formulas for flawless application each and every time
• Reduces wasted polish, meaning more applications per bottle
• Programmable lighting display
• imix kit is complete with 10 mixers, a mixtractor, and a USB cable
• Additional mixers available in packs of 20 and 50 (easily cleaned in acetone for reuse)

• Warranty: One year with 1600 hours of expected use
• Powered by a USB Cable
• Timer set to 5 minute auto-off, but may be programmed

• Drop a mixer into your bottle and place on to the imix®.
• Tap the LED button and watch the colours change, as the imix® blends and develops polish (or gel) back to it’s true colour

Download the imix instructions

imix 30 second video