IBX by Famous Names

How do you describe IBX in simple terms?

It is a Penetrating, Curable Monomer System

How much heat is "gentle heat?

Gentle heat is 105-110F (41-43C) or just higher than the temperature for a Jacuzzi which is about 104F

What are the most common mistakes made with appyling IBX?

  1. Doing a wet manicure prior to applying IBX?  Result:  The IBX system does not penetrate into the upper nail plate.
  2. Not blotting before curing.  Result: IBX cures on top of the nail…we want it cured IN the nail.
  3. Incorrect levels of heat.  Most often, too much heat, particularly when a blow drier is being used.  If the drier speed is set too high and/or with too much heat, it will remove IBX before it can penetrate.  Remember, we want GENTLE heat (105-110F).
  4. Curing takes place only on top of the nail plate and no benefit results.

How long do I cure the IBX System with my LED light?

Cure time should be based on the light manufacturer’s suggested cure time for their gel polish color coat.

Can I use a UV light instead of an LED?

Yes, many UV lights have been used by our customers with success.  Follow the manufacturer’s suggested instructions for curing the Gel Polish Color Coat.

Why apply heat? What does it do?

IBX is a  penetrative, curable monomer system, heat is an important step to aid that penetration. Similar to how butter melts into warm bread, the heat helps IBX penetrate into the upper layers of the nail. Without heat, you get less penetration and therefore, less of that important IPN forming within the nail.

Do I apply my Gel Polish as usual after using IBX?

Yes, follow the normal manufacturer instructions.

Do I need to use a base coat before applying polish after using IBX ?

Yes, apply your polish exactly the same way you normally would after using IBX.

What do you recommend for the source of the gentle heat?

Gentle heat means 105-110F, so slightly warmer than a Jacuzzi.

A regular desk lamp with a 75-100 watt bulb works great.

A polish drier works well.

We tested a 1600 watt mini-dryer, set to low speed and low heat, held approximately 15-18 inches away from the nails with good results.

What should I charge for IBX under Gel Polish?

We recommend a $10-15 upcharge for the first application, and then an $8-10 upcharge for the ongoing application.

What should I charge for IBX as a nail strengthener?

We recommend a $10-15 upcharge to your basic manicure price for the first application, and an $8-10 upcharge thereafter.

What do you mean by apply thinly?

IBX needs to be applied thinly. We do not want skin contact. Apply like you would a base coat of polish.

Can I apply IBX more than once per week?

We recommend never applying more than once per week, as over treatment may result in brittleness. This system is designed to help you cumulatively build strength back into your natural nail, meaning once the nail starts to improve from more intense damage, every two to three weeks is perfect.

Do I have to use IBX Repair and if so, when?

IBX Repair is a crucial part of the IBX System. Under Gel Polish, you need to apply a full coat to each nail prior to applying IBX. On natural nails, just apply IBX Repair to the specific areas of damage on each nail such as free edge delamination, peeling, splits/cracks, and “craters” on the nail plate.

How soon can I expect to see results under Gel Polish?

Every client’s nails are different, so we can’t give you a “one size fits all” answer. We can, however, give you an unaltered quote from one of our field testers: “She felt that her nails were tighter after the first application. After the second, you could tell that some of the white spots had disappeared. After the 3rd application—six weeks after 1st application—you could see the new growth was noticeably better. This is my client that had severe damage on the ring finger of her left hand (a detached free edge) and with IBX and Repair, it reattached!”

Can I use IBX Repair over my entire natural nails - why or why not?

When used for natural nail growth, IBX Repair is designed to repair specific areas of nail damage and offers no incremental benefits when applied over the entire nail.

More questions?

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