August 3, 2015

IBX Training – Miracle in a Bottle!



Well since I finished college I have been debating my next moves?….

I’m not ready to give up learning in any form just yet… A- because I think I may die of boredom & B- the nail industry in so vast & exciting I just want to take in every aspect of it, I’m quite literally obsessed with it!!

After looking around the local learning & trade centres I settled on The Creative Beauty Group in Ferndown, Dorset who were running an IBX Course.

I’d vaguely heard of IBX but after looking into It I was more eager then ever to secure a place.

As I don’t have my official certificates I was worried I may not be able to participate. The Creative Beauty Group ensure only professionals use their products so after a quick ring to double check my credentials all was good to go. I understand now why the ladies there won an award recently for Customer Service, they are absolutely amazing & lovely, so friendly & very helpful. Meeting them face to face was even better it was obvious it was my first time there but they made me feel so welcome & put me at ease. First Class Service!!

I arrived very early for my course but that just allowed me extra time to browse the shelves, I don’t know if that was a blessing or a curse & I wish now I’d taken a picture to show you why…. It was a Polish addicts dream and a Gel Polish addicts dream at that, shelves & shelves of Gel II!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Gel polish from one brand, they had classic colours, neon colours, glitters oooh just everything!! Thankfully I went with no credit card otherwise I may have had a very big bill coming…. Oops!

After floating on a cloud for a bit it was time for the course. There were only 6 of us in the class & after abit of a ‘Get to Know You’ turns out I was the newest recruit to the nail industry with the closest having 2 years under her belt. That made me slightly nervous I almost felt like I was invading. It turned out I had nothing to worry about they were all lovely & all just as keen to learn about IBX

So what does it do. Well as I’m interested in the natural nail benefits, I’ve taken this from the website

I guess I should have started with the best bit of information about this course, what’s included… Well aside from training it also included the products!!

So how is it applied. Well after some filling, dry cuticle work & cleansing we started with a layer of IBX repair, it was then placed under a heat lamp to ‘activate’ then a LED lamp to ‘set’ it. Next was a layer of Strengthener, again placed under the heat lamp, then LED lamp & then the process repeated (for the Strengthener)

Although the process is similar to Gel, application & use of a LED lamp etc. The finished look couldn’t be more different! You can feel the difference, as in it feels tighter & stronger – but it literally looks like nothing has been placed on your nails. The finish is completely matt & the surface looks product free. I can’t even compare it too a top coat, even that is thicker then the finished look of IBX!

Men, if you have problem nails THIS is the product for you. I will be advertising like mad for IBX it is going to help so many people once they know what it can do.

That brings me onto the next point. I’m the biggest sceptic in the world! I will literally believe nothing till I see or feel it myself. So the fact I got to try this product myself and see it’s amazing effects, well I’m off now to do my best Maria Von Trapp impression, I am going to be singing from the hills about this product!

Why?… Well the naughty Nail Tech that I am, I was spending a night planning on doing Infills on my Arcylic extensions, unfortunately I got distracted by a dancing Channing Tatum – & no I wasn’t watching Step Up ☺️ it meant I’ve overfilled and left myself with the dreaded ‘rings of fire’ & deep ones at that!

I’m so glad for yesterday (& also not posting this last night like I intended) because while absent mindingly running my fingers over my nails today, I noticed something…. No more ridges!! Yes, I’m serious! Gone! I’m hoping to get some pictures to show the difference in my hands, the close shots are playing havoc with my IPhone but I’ll get them up ASAP! Even the appearance looks 100 times better, no more red, raw looking nails, just natural & healthy

We all know companies want you to buy & use their products & use clever marking, but I’m neither endorsed or being paid to tell you this product is a miracle in a bottle!

IBX is meant to continually work over the coming days ready for a second application one week after the first then upkeep at 2-3 thereafter if you feel you need it. I’ve a feeling I’ll be done after 2!

So that was my training done, I even received a certificate My first official one!! I’m so excited about that!!

So after completing IBX training what’s next?…. Well Gel Colour is still a major front runner in the nail industry & after seeing the heaven that is the Gel II colour range I think that’s my next venture.

It’s such an exciting industry to be in, I’m so glad I now get to participate in it professionally x