In my client’s breast cancer support group, everyone stares at her nails. She told them all about me! She’s so happy that her nails are truly beautiful, even after chemotherapy. 

— Xuan Chu

My nails have been awful for 37 years due to thyroid issues. Gel Polish would last 4 days if I was lucky. I did IBX for 8 weeks: my nails are strong, healthy and Gelish lasts 2+ weeks!

— Jenny Louise

The Harmony Therapy Trust (UK) offers free holistic treatments for those with serious illnesses. I started as a Trust therapist and will donate my time and raise donations to enable wonderful IBX treatments.

— Emma Wyres

I can just see the hordes of women ditching gels & acrylics! You have to TRY the product. I simply cannot comprehend the amount of nail growth in a short amount of time. There is nothing like it. Thumbs up!

— Biljana Voica

I received my IBX Duo Pack on January 17. By the end of March, I was up to 70 clients with more requests coming in! Clients are happy-happy. Isn’t that the best indicator of the product’s effectiveness?

— Happy IBX-ing, y’all

Wow! These results are simply incredible. This is a product that will be taking the entire industry by storm. Every nail tech needs to have IBX front and center on their tables.

— Braden

Thank you for ALL you do for the industry! Thank you for the products and tech you give us, but mostly for your loyalty and support.

— Geneva

My client has delamination on two nails. I was so tempted to file it away but, I followed the IBX instructions. Both my client and I watched as the nails repaired while applying heat. AMAZING!”

— Maureen

I now complain my nails are growing too fast!

— Allison

I am so thankful I have been a part of this test program, and love what IBX has done for my nails… I actually have my OWN nails look good.

— Janine