IBX by Famous Names

I have placed an older or thicker polish/gel polish on the imix.

HINT: Leave your polish on the imix launch pad for about 10 seconds to let the propeller catch the miXer and start stirring and getting jiggy in the bottle!

TRICK: If you can see a delay or struggle with the propeller turning, simply lift the bottle up, wake it up with a 1/2 hand shake and pop back down on to the imix launch pad. It should then mix / stir the product.

WHAT IMIX WILL DO: imix will flash WHITE twice to let you know it has ‘detected’ thicker product.

I want to get the ultimate stirring/mixing process.

HINT: Twist the cap of the polish or gel polish half way back on so the brush sits just above the miXer and ball bearings (some bottles don’t contain ball bearings).

TRICK: Make sure the cap has ‘caught’ in the grooves so there are no spillages.

WHAT IMIX WILL DO: It will allow the miXer to stir and mix the polish without any brush interference.

I need to wake up my imix.

HINT: Simply TAP the function button. Don’t press it for a period of time.

TRICK: You must TAP the function button to wake up the imix. A long press will start the colour change progress instead.

WHAT IMIX WILL DO: imix will turn off after it has stirred your polish for 5 minutes.

My old polish needs longer than 5 minutes to mix.

HINT: Don’t stress about changing the time cycle.

TRICK: If your old polish needs ‘extra time’, simply put it through 2 or 3 mix cycles.

WHAT IMIX WILL DO: After 5 minutes of stirring imix will turn off; simply tap the function button to start the process again. You can repeat this cycle as many times as you need.

I don’t know if my imix is working.

HINT: Just because you can’t see or hear it – doesn’t mean it’s not mixing.

TRICK: Grab a clear top or base coat, drop a miXer into it and place on the imix.

WHAT IMIX WILL DO: You’ll be able to see it start to mix / stir so you know it’s doing its job.

I want to remove my miXer before my bottle is empty.

HINT: Grab some paper roll and a dampen dish BEFORE you start – so you can keep things nice and tidy!

TRICK: Hold your bottle at an angle so the miXer falls to the side. Use your miXtractor to guide the miXer up towards the neck of the bottle. Place the miXtractor inside the opening of the bottle neck to retrieve the miXer.

WHAT IMIX WILL DO: The miXer will be ‘attracted’ to the miXtractor so you can pull it out of the neck of the bottle.

OTHER: Your brand may contain ball bearings that may come out with the miXer. Simply remove them from the miXer and pop them back in the bottle.

My disco party lights have stopped working. Why is this?

HINT: Chances are you’ve pressed the function button for too long during the light cycle change process.

TRICK: Easy fix… press and hold the function button for 2 or more seconds and the orange light should flash twice. This tells you all is well with the lights (they work!) Now you can chose the single colour you want with a double click or, press a start and end colour for it to cycle through.

WHAT IMIX WILL DO: imix will FLASH ORANGE twice. This is telling you the lights are working fine but you turned them off by mistake.

OTHER: If in any doubt, click here to learn how to do a reset.

It’s too complicated.

HINT: We promise that it really isn’t!

TRICK: The best tip we can give you is to let imix do it’s thing. Don’t keep lifting up the bottle etc. Simply place your bottle on the launch pad and let it mix for 5 minutes.


Is it ok to leave miXers in the bottle?

HINT: Yes but…

TRICK: Before you place your bottle back on the shelf – simply tip it to the side so the miXer sits at the side of the bottle and not underneath the brush!


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