January 26, 2021

Tucked away in Pocono Lake, Gloria is a huge fan and friend of Famous Names. Gloria elevates her customers and makes them feel special with her services and her products. In between her meticulous work as a nail professional and facialist she finds time to enjoy life! Gloria loves to ride thru town on her motorcycle, and loves skiing whether it be downhill or cross-country.

“I am so glad that I chose to use Famous Names products in my salon services. The difference IBX treatment, BOOST, Dadi’ Oil and Luxury Dadi’ Lotion makes on my clients “Covid nails”, that are compromised from all the sanitizing and hand washing has changed my business dramatically. My customers can go minimum of 2 weeks or more without lifting or peeling. Luxury Dadi‘ Lotion is so nourishing and changes the appearance of my clients skin. Dadi’ Oil is a must for every service as well as home care and each new client goes out the door with a bottle. I so appreciate the professionalism, education, customer service and support I receive from the Nordstrom’s they make me feel like family”.

Famous Names is proud to have Gloria Spraguer as part of our family!!! Gloria represents our industry as a true loving professional!!
Keep up the great work Gloria!