March 4, 2015

Dadi’ Oil by Lyndsay Harrold
Louella Belle, Educator

DadiOil_Group2_RGB_LoresMy love affair with Dadi’ Oil truly began a couple of years back on the day I lost my voice…..on a busy demo booth, at a major exhibition. Never one to be afraid of shouting to the rooftops about the products I love, I’m usually the first to jump on the microphone and wax lyrical all day long about the ‘beauties’ of the nail and beauty industry, so a lack of voice for me was not only unusual, but seriously disturbing!

Of course, I’d been slathering Dadi’ Oil, all over my nails and cuticles for months by then as it was, and still is, quite simply, by far the best cuticle oil you can lay your hands on, but when it does just what it says on the tin, there’s no real excitement, just steadfast belief in its ability to ‘do its job’ well.

But just the day previously, I’d started to massage a little extra oil, that bit further. The constant use of   antibacterial hand gel between each demo, was wreaking havoc with the eczema on my hands and no amount of cream based moisturiser was helping, so I tried a little Dadi’ Oil….instant soothed and softer skin! Bliss! And another colleague was suffering cracked lips in the dry exhibition centre air, and had no lip balm….again Dadi’ Oil to the rescue.

“So”, I joked hoarsely, to another colleague, “do you reckon that drinking this stuff could bring back my long lost voice?”

She smiled, “Maybe not, but you could try rubbing it on your neck and throat, and see if the essential oils help at all” It was worth a shot! At that point I would have tried anything!

As I smoothed a couple of drops over the area of my throat that I imagined to be closest to my vocal cords, a lovely warm feeling started to permeate through the skin…even if it didn’t work, it felt fantastic! I opened my mouth to attempt a whisper to tell my colleague….and nearly deafened her! Within 15 mins, my voice was practically 100% restored! But, I wasn’t risking it disappearing again…..that day, I think more Dadi’ Oil went on my throat, than on the visitors in total!

So the next few months saw me trying all sorts! Dadi’ Oil became my night-time facial moisturiser…..waking the next day to smooth, soft, plumped and decidedly less wrinkled skin! Next was my hair. I’d already been a convert of oils used on the hair instead of crispy styling products….so why not Dadi’ Oil?

Then a winter cold threatened my voice again and out came the Dadi’ Oil once more! This time I was en route to the mountains to enjoy a weeks skiing and was determined I wasn’t missing out with a poorly throat. I arrived and unpacked….and discovered I’d forgotten to pack any perfume for the evenings! “You don’t need it,” said my loyal husband, “that stuff smells amazing!” so every night saw me applying Dadi’ Oil not just to my throat, but behind my ears and at my wrists. I never had so many compliments…..or such soft skin behind my ears!!!

So Dadi’ Oil has since de-squeaked the wheels on my suitcase (what a waste, but it worked perfectly and there was nothing else to hand!) been mixed with mineral pigments for a tinted lip gloss, blitzed the dry skin on the heels of my feet and generally oiled the majority of my smooth running life! Oh and along with a little help from its new friend IBX, my nails have never been stronger! If you ever find me on a desert island….you can be sure I’ll have my Dadi’ Oil with me!