May 26, 2019

Nail Artist Marian Newman On Her New Book, Fashion Week, and What It’s Like to Massage Brad Pitts’ Hands

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Marian’s Personal Nailcare Routine

“Because I’m postmenopausal, my nails have been affected, like so many people’s are at various stages in their lives. Hormones play a part in the condition of your nails. My nails are still strong, but they’re quite rigid now, and if they get too dry, they split along the ridges. So I try and keep them covered with a gel polish or shellac. I mostly use shellac because it’s a little bit gentler, I find. 

I’m also pretty good at using a nail oil. I think an oil is a nonnegotiable product that you should use on your nails daily. So I love IBX (£8), and I also love the CND Rescue RXx (£11), because that’s actually got keratin in it. The keratin helps to strengthen the poor parts of my nails. But I think a good nail oil is the most important thing. If you do nothing else, then that’s the most important. And I do. I’m quite good with it, actually. It’s on my desk all the time.”