April 30, 2024

Former CND CEO Jim Nordstrom and wife Linda founded Famous Names in 2010, based on questioning what could be done for individuals without healthy natural nails. This led to the creation of their unique line of products to tackle this issue, which was developed over the course of three years prior.

Famous Names is dedicated to creating best-in-class products exclusively for nail professionals. Their ethos is centered around their industry, which they believe is their customers’ industry too.

The ACESO System

When asked why they decided to create the new ACESO System, Linda and Jim Nordstrom stated that they spent three years working on it, with the initial idea coming about five years prior. They first focused on creating the technology and then worked in reverse to fit the technology into the concept, rather than starting with a product and creating technology to fit.

How the ACESO System Works

Developed by Famous Names, ACESO™ penetrates through the nail plate onto the nail bed and surrounding soft tissue, delivering targeted relief and support. The system includes essential products such as Kick Start Soak, Debrider, Step 1, and Step 2, each meticulously formulated to provide effective results.

Unique Selling Points of the ACESO System

The ACESO System’s simplicity is one of its standout features, requiring only five easy steps to apply. It is recommended to use the system after a shower when the feet are wet. The price of the product was also chosen with the current economy in mind, ensuring it remains affordable to help individuals struggling with foot health.

Benefits for Nail Technicians

The ACESO System enables nail technicians to maximise profits by offering treatments in the salon and selling the retail pack to customers for a retail price increase of up to 50%.

Linda shared a heartwarming story about how Famous Names’ products helped an old friend who had struggled with foot health for over 20 years. After using Famous Names’ products, the friend’s foot health improved drastically. For the Nordstroms, the satisfaction comes from knowing that their products genuinely help people, providing simple, effective, and cost- effective solutions for healthy nails and foot health.

Response and Conclusion

Linda and Jim Nordstrom have noted an extremely positive response so far to the ACESO System, and they remain committed to creating products that benefit their customers and help people achieve healthy nails and feet.

Clients using ACESO™ can enhance their nail care routine by incorporating IBX once the nail plate is mostly attached and the underlying nail condition is resolving. Daily use of Dadi’Oil alongside ACESO™ can further optimise results, promoting healthier, stronger nails.

The ACESO™ system is now exclusively available for purchase in the UK from Sweet Squared www.sweetsquared.com,